Marble chess boards have been around for centuries and were used as a form of decoration. They also served as an expensive gift to the wealthy, but now they are more affordable. Marble chess sets come in many colors and can be made from different types of marble. The most popular color is black because it looks elegant against any type of attire or table setting. Recently, some people have discovered that using these marble chess sets as a decorative item on their tables make them feel like royalty when entertaining guests at home during dinner parties or other special occasions

Are Marble Chess Boards Still Popular?

Marble chess sets are still popular and can be found all over the world. They have been so popular that they had to start making them out of different materials like steel, wood, or plastic because marble was becoming too expensive. This has, of course, driven up the demand for marble chess sets and increased how they are collected among the chess community.

What Are The Benefits Of Marble Chess Sets?

Marble chess sets are beautiful and often ornate. The marble is a great piece of decor that also has the function of doubling as an in-game board. Marble chess boards can be used to play any kind of game with only one exception: games that use liquid pieces like water or milk, which will cause the marble’s surface to stain. One advantage for players who opt for a traditional wooden board is its durability; they’re less likely to break if something falls on them from above (but this doesn’t mean you should experiment). But no matter what material it’s made out of, there are benefits to having a beautifully crafted chess set at home to bring some culture into your space!

How To Clean Marble Chess Boards

Step One: Remove the chess pieces and set them aside for now. Take a damp cloth or towel to wipe down the chess board thoroughly, starting with the center of each side. (This is where most people’s fingers rest when they play.)

*Step Two: Use a second dry cloth or paper towels to absorb any excess moisture from Step One; this will help keep particles on your furniture from being stuck onto your chess board.

If you want your chess board to be really shiny, use either lemon juice or white vinegar diluted in water as an additional cleaner during step one! Neither of these substances should leave behind streaks if used properly. You can also add mineral oil at the start of step one – let that soak into the marble before wiping clean again.

How Much Does A Marble Chess Set Weigh?

A marble chess set is made of natural stone or onyx which is usually pretty heavy and can weigh in at about 100 pounds, depending on the brand. This does not sound like a lot of weight, but the average person would have trouble carrying this on their own! This type of natural chess set is great as a decorative display piece but may not do well outdoors. It’s also important to note that due to the weight of marble chess sets it’s harder to find free shipping.

What Is The Most Common Color Set?

The most common color set of a marble chess set is black and white. People can also get red, green or yellow sets too! Red and green are often popular for Christmas chess set while people may have a particular favorite they want to use on their board based off what the colors signify in different cultures.

Do I Need Marble Chess Pieces?

One of the most popular options for people is to buy a set that already comes with marble chess pieces. These sets are typically made from durable materials like plastic or metal, and they will be much heavier than other types of chess pieces so it’s important to keep this in mind when deciding what type you want. Again, if you are looking for free shipping from your shop, it may be hard to find due to the weight of your marble chess set.

Customizing A Marble Chess Set

Customizing your marble chess set to make it unique is a great option for someone who loves games. There are many different ways you can customize your chess set, so get creative with the chessmen and the use of onyx verse stone. A marble chess set is one of the best gifts for a seasoned chess player and can provide their chess setting with a natural beauty made of stone.

The History of Marble Chess Sets

Marble chess sets were popular in Europe because they would be an expensive gift for royalty. They are created using natural stone or onyx which makes them much more durable than some other options out there on the market today. Much like wood sets, these will require occasional polishing if they become dirty or dusty over time but this shouldn’t happen as often since marble doesn’t chip as easily as wood does when pieces bump into each other during a chess game.

These chess sets can be found at a reasonable price if you search well. We have done our best to compile where the best places to buy a chess set is, and your shopping can start here if you are looking to save money and find a chess set that fits your theme. We encourage you to view our hand crafted selection of chess sets and find one in the categories of your choosing. It’s possible to further customize your chess set, so feel free to contact us for additional options such as getting the board in a smaller size